TO TRANSLINK: Ideas for Service Optimization

I love that you are opening the Service Optimization Discussion to the Public! I've got lots of ideas!

Last Week, I posted my remix of the Burnaby Transit Network! [Here]

This Week, I have a completely new round of Specific Ideas!!!

But first, I must commend you on actually listening to the public about this (ie. Starting Service Optimization Consultation)!

Personally, I think those changes (that you have come up with) are really, they are great.

* * *

C23/C21 PROPOSED CHANGE BY TRANSLINK: Extending C23 along Terminal (presumably to VCC) and C21 to Stanley Park (presumably to Second Beach) 

The Terminal Avenue Extension is Extremely Helpful and an extremely good idea, connecting Millennium Line to Yaletown! The Stanley Park extention is also a Great Idea, and would serve not only Second Beach and the Fish House, but also the apartments along Beach Avenue that currently have no service! Translink, you really are hitting all the points that people want! 

What I think Translink should do, is Create a single bus: "C21 VCC to Stanley Park", and "C23 Davie" This is because, the vast majority of people continue down Pacific Blvd and don't turn up on Davie (ie. people's trips are frequently from Stadium to Beach Avenue, and NOT Stadium to Davie Street.) 

So First, I want to Reallign the Network of the C21/C23 at Keefer Street. Since there is a big section without a stop on the C23 from Keefer to Quebec, it would make much more sense if the buses went on Main Street. This is a Proposed vs Current comparison Here: 

[Click to Enlarge]

The W/B C21 would go on Terminal, Main, Pender, Abbott, Expo... 
E/B C23 would go Pacific, Abbott, Keefer, Main, Terminal. This greatly improves connections, (though the only problem would be Chinatown goers who would slow the Bus between Terminal and Georgia) as the connection from VCC to Chinatown would be extremely valuable. 

And the Final Product Should Look Like this: 

[Click to Enlarge]
Note to Translink: If the C23 doesn't go on the Grandview Viaduct, it still should connect to VCC via Terminal, Cottrell, "Home Depot Parking Lot" to Glen. Then, hope that Glen is extended to VCC so that the C23 can connect there, but for now, just a stop at the end of Glen Drive, a 400m walk to VCC. 

* * *


Interline and eliminate the downtown detours of the 8 and 20.
The current sections of the 8 and 20 into downtown are hideous, counter-productive, and inefficient.
[Click to Enlarge]

The ridership of the “8 Downtown” is halved at Main St. Station, and is extremely low when it turns left on Hastings. Passengers of the 8 that need to go downtown should get off at Main St. Station (and save 7 minutes), or transfer to the 3, 7, 19 14, or 16.

In theory, the branch of the 8 from Hastings at Main to Waterfront should only take 6-7 minutes, or ~14 minutes in total. In Practice it takes ~17 minutes, putting the buses behind schedule.

The excess of buses going on the same part of Hastings Street: 3, 8, 14, 16 & 20 results in buses that block buses (since trolleys can’t pass). Do we really need 5 buses on the same stretch of road?

The ridership of the “20 Downtown” peaks at Commercial Station, and dwindles to almost nothing by Hastings Street. At Main Street, the majority of the few riders are not from Commercial.

Similarly to the 8, according to the schedules, the 20 should take 7-8 minutes to get from Main  @ Hastings to Richards @ Seymour and 8-9 minutes back, with a total time of ~16 minutes. In Practice, it takes ~20 minutes, again putting the buses behind schedule.
It is worth noting that the 20 and 8 have almost identical schedules (except on weekends).
Solution:Short turn and interline the 8 and 20 at Main at Hastings;
[Click to Enlarge]

One problem may be requiring left turn and right turn wires from Hastings onto Main and oppositely respectively.
Travelers can take the skytrain to Main Station and Commercial to catch the 8 and 20 respectively, or transfer from the 3, 4, 7, 14 or 16.

* * *


The C23 and 6 buses must be coordinated so that they don't all come at once, so that Yaletown Goers at Burrard Street on the C23 don't get passed up by people traveling to Howe Street from Bidwell. They must also ensure that 3 buses don't come at once after a 10 minute wait, rather, one bus comes every 4 minutes.

So, I decided, instead of two non-correlating buses on Davie, it would work much better with one.

Though this is hardly my idea, actually that of mike0123's I hope he can forgive me for stealing it. It's too good!

Here's how it looks:

[Click to Enlarge]
The C23, though proven as one of the most productive routes in the region, is also one of the most unreliable; buses are frequently late by >10 minutes. By eliminating the route and establishing the 6 all the way down Davie Street, the competition is removed, increasing frequency and therefore reliability.

The barrier to this may be the lack of ~600m of trolley wires along Davie, Cambie and Pacific.

* * *


Voony's idea of creating a transit hub at Knight at Marine Really Makes Sense.
It's to connect the 100, 22, 8 and 20 buses at Marine at Knight, including possibly the 405, 407 and 430.
I have decided that to increase connectivity and establish better E/W service along Bridgeport, the 22 should be extended across the bridge to Bridgeport Station.

The main problem is the excess length of the route 22, a problem which I hope to solve by short turning 22's from Bridgeport on 16th at MacDonald, and ending 22's from Dunbar Loop at Kingsway at Knight. The maximum length of this route would be 1h and 25 minutes. This is less than the length of the routes 3, 8, 16, 17 and 20 which have long

[Click to Enlarge]
This addition would eliminate the need for the 407 along Bridgeport and kill the 430. This is how the Knight Bridge Hub would look: The Circles are the Stops; Red = 22; Blue = 20; Green = 8; Purple = 100. 

[Click to Enlarge]
Translink can eliminate the use of the hideous loop that the #8 uses, connect services, and improve trips to Richmond and along Bridgeport (IKEA).

* * *


With the Geography of Vancouver and a strong CBD, the volume of trips done in the city vary significantly on the North Side vs the South.

A vivid example is the 20 bus, which experiences crushing loads and passups near Broadway, but nearly empties out on the south side. Logic says that the Heavy used North Side of this route should get more service than the South Side.

This example is repeated with almost all the N/S routes, especially the ones that go all the way to Marine Drive.

So I've proposed shortening one of every 2 buses on 41st, so that the resulting frequency of these routes south of 41st is half that of North of 41st. This would only work when buses have a 8 min or higher frequency, as all of the route should be maintained at at least 15 minute frequencies.

So, this is how it works: the S/B #10 bus would split at 41st (ie. one of every 2 buses turns at 41st), travelling to Oak becoming the 17 Downtown. Recovery can be taken at select locations on 41st (eg 41st and Hudson).
The opposite would occur on the 17.

The S/B 3 would turn at 41st and travel to Fraser becoming the 8 downtown, the S/B 8 would turn at 41st and travel to Victoria (with a stop at Knight) becoming the 20 Downtown, and the S/B 20 would turn at 41st and travel to Main (with stops at Knight and Fraser) becoming the 3 Downtown.

This way, Buses can focus their frequencies on the North Part of their routes, where demand is higher. The time shaved off the routes is more than 10 minutes. (eg: currently, traveling between Harrison and 41st currently takes 20 minutes plus recovery, going on 41st with stops on Knight and Fraser takes less than 8 minutes plus recovery. Even more time will be saved with the other exchanges.

[Click to Enlarge]
PS: Translink, If you have any questions, or need help with transit route construction, please contact me; I would love to volunteer.

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