Don't Follow this Blog. Please.

Just Don't.

If you do, follow this blog, you'll just waste your time. Let me Explain.

I am going to blog on all topics of my interest, and since my interests vary from day to day, if you follow this blog, you'll just be reading articles on completely random subjects.
It's like reading a book that changes its topic every chapter; imagine if a book talked about buses in chapter 1, Aspergers in Chapter 2, Sitting position in Chapter 3, Politics in Chapter 4...... a never ending book.

This is what this blog is. A never ending book on topics of completely different natures.

But when I tell you not to follow this blog, I don't mean that you shouldn't read posts about it. Many of my posts will be super interesting and eye opening. It is worth reading my recommended posts occasionally. But to read every post on every topic is a waste of time. Time is valuable.

By following this blog, what you are doing is following me, following my brain cycle, my thoughts, my schedule. You will see times of light blogging as I'm busy, times of random rants on the strangest and unexpected of issues.

But to follow this blog (or stock me) is useless, as you'll just be wasting your time. So instead of reading every single word on this blog, please just come here occasionally to view rants on your favourite subjects.

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