TO TRANSLINK: Ideas for Service Optimization

I love that you are opening the Service Optimization Discussion to the Public! I've got lots of ideas!

Last Week, I posted my remix of the Burnaby Transit Network! [Here]

This Week, I have a completely new round of Specific Ideas!!!

But first, I must commend you on actually listening to the public about this (ie. Starting Service Optimization Consultation)!

Personally, I think those changes (that you have come up with) are really, they are great.

* * *

C23/C21 PROPOSED CHANGE BY TRANSLINK: Extending C23 along Terminal (presumably to VCC) and C21 to Stanley Park (presumably to Second Beach) 

The Terminal Avenue Extension is Extremely Helpful and an extremely good idea, connecting Millennium Line to Yaletown! The Stanley Park extention is also a Great Idea, and would serve not only Second Beach and the Fish House, but also the apartments along Beach Avenue that currently have no service! Translink, you really are hitting all the points that people want! 


TO TRANSLINK: Completely Overhauling the Burnaby Transit Network.

During the Summer Months, I worked on this project to improve the Burnaby Transit Network.

Here is my conclusion:
[Click to Enlarge]
Black = 7.5 or higher Frequencies, Blue =15 or higher, Pink = 30 or higher.
The Current Network is top right, and My 3 proposals (because I couldn't decide on which one was better).

But the map, though detailed, gives in accurate information, and is too complicated. So I invented something called a BUS SKELETON.

This is what I call a Bus Skeleton. My invention, but hardly my idea. Transit Geeks, what do you think?
A Skeleton Diagram is an Oversimplification of the Transit Network of a region. This diagram ignores speed, but bases extreme emphasis on Frequency.

Anyways, the top 2 are the Current Network, and the bottom is my proposal. The Right ones are oversimplified Bus Skeletons. Their objective is to remove all distractions from the network, leaving only the skeleton (thus a bus skeleton).

[Click to Enlarge]

I also Provided the Business Case for my Proposal, analyzing the cost implications based on route length and bus type. [Here


In my proposal, I have determined that there are overlapping services, and many places with extremely lacking services. By removing bus routes, higher frequencies may be achieved. This though, will decrease the coverage level (eg: I have removed the 116). From my analysis, the higher frequencies and less routes in my proposal will save money, or at least cost less than the current system.

Comments Please! They are welcomed greatly.

PS: Translink, if you ever want me to volunteer on any part of the transit authority, I'd love to! Just shoot me an email!


Don't Follow this Blog. Please.

Just Don't.

If you do, follow this blog, you'll just waste your time. Let me Explain.

I am going to blog on all topics of my interest, and since my interests vary from day to day, if you follow this blog, you'll just be reading articles on completely random subjects.
It's like reading a book that changes its topic every chapter; imagine if a book talked about buses in chapter 1, Aspergers in Chapter 2, Sitting position in Chapter 3, Politics in Chapter 4...... a never ending book.

This is what this blog is. A never ending book on topics of completely different natures.

But when I tell you not to follow this blog, I don't mean that you shouldn't read posts about it. Many of my posts will be super interesting and eye opening. It is worth reading my recommended posts occasionally. But to read every post on every topic is a waste of time. Time is valuable.

By following this blog, what you are doing is following me, following my brain cycle, my thoughts, my schedule. You will see times of light blogging as I'm busy, times of random rants on the strangest and unexpected of issues.

But to follow this blog (or stock me) is useless, as you'll just be wasting your time. So instead of reading every single word on this blog, please just come here occasionally to view rants on your favourite subjects.


HIghway-Less: A Vision for Metro Vancouver

Here's a project I did 1 1/2 years ago. That was when I was just starting to dip my feet into being an urbanist. Wow, I can't believe I've made it that far in one year already!

Basically, I tried fixing burnaby's screwed up road network, mainly by removing the whole Hwy 1 in Vancouver, removing Hwy 99, and fixing the road network. It's extremely poorly done, and I thought (as a stupid ignorant amateur) that I would get 100 views in a day. I'm only up to 61 after a year and a half. :)

Anyways, it's here more to spread the idea and vision than to really change politicians.

View HighwayLess in a larger map