About Me

Hi, I'm Kyle.

I'm 16, in highschool, a proud urbanite, raised and living in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

My Interests:

  • Bikes
    • Riding Bikes
  • Transit
    • Design Transit Networks, Routes, Bus Mechanics, Planning, and Operation of Transit
  • Urban Issues
    • City Vitality, Urban Life, Urban Transport, Urban Design, Health, Crime, Civic Services
  • -Observing Things
    • Observing People, Interpersonal communication techniques, Nature, Puzzles
  • -Politics
    • Analysing Elections, Public Polling, Advertizements, Campaigns and Polictical Science
  • -Psychology
    • Ways of Thinking, Brain Development, Theory of Mind, Brain Theories
  • -Chess
    • Playing Chess
  • -Mozart
    • Listening to Mozart
  • -Reading
    • Reading Blogs and Books on the interests above
  • -Writing
    • Blogging, and Writting articles and in the future books.
  • -Learning
    • Personal Development, and new ideas and Points of View

I have posted a series of articles about myself:

1) [Click] 2) [Click] 3) [Click] 4) [Click] 5) [Click] 6) [Click]

-Kyle Zheng -2013

Email: 257vancouver@gmail.com
Twitter: @257van

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